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2018 News and Events

Jim Czachorowski has taken on the job of Moderator of the Stewart 51 Builders Group on Yahoo.  Owen Smith created the site and served us all as Moderator since the site's inception.  Many thanks from all builders for the work Owen performed in keeping the site going as long as he did.  The site is for Stewart 51 builders only, and has been a valuable source of builder to builder communication.

That said, the site has become somewhat cumbersome and obsolete for us, given limitations on photo uploading and getting people approved and on the site.  Jim Czachorowski ("Czach" or "Zack") has done some study and, taking a page from Test Pilot / Race Pilot Eliot Seguin, has formed a Facebook page for our Builders Group.  Czach is still working out the details of how to keep it secure for Builders while, at the same time, allowing genuinely interested followers to see some content.  We look forward to this new tool in S51 communication.
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Above, Elliot Seguin in Rod Bower's beautiful S51.  Check out Elliot Seguin's Facebook page, Wasabi Air Racing for updates on Elliot's test flights.  They have made four flights now (February 25th).  Elliot's film production of the fourth flight is excellent, with a glimpse into test flight data generation.
Leading Edge and Rib Production:

We are ever closer to testing our leading edge production concept.  Last week, Chuck and I were in Chuck's facility, TPR, Inc., evaluating the first prototype blanks he had water-jetted.  Chuck has one more refinement to test on the process, mostly about minimizing "overspray" from the solid media working up under the protective plastic film on the aluminum.
Rod Dill and I spent a morning last week double checking ribs for correct fit and design, and found several more details that we need to correct before going to quantity production.  Below, you'll see how things are beginning to look with new ribs clamped into position on a long range fuel spar.  This long range spar is slightly different in a couple of ways from the standard spar we'll be building, and is a pain in the tail to work with, but will have to do for now.