Stewart 51 Partner LLC
Cliff Fitch was back in the air in mid-October!  Willow Bird had been down for repairs, and flew beautifully on a forty-five minute flight with Cliff.  We are all glad to see Cliff and Willow Bird back in operation!
We think we are closing in on solving the leading edge production method.  The two templates above are the tip at Wing Station 150.00 and the inboard rib at WS 53.00.  The leading edge skin is 97.5 inches wide.

The leading edge skins supplied in Jim's original run of kits were formed by a company in the Czech Republic, subcontracted by HPAI.  Duplicating their process in the U.S. has proven to be a challenge.

We will keep you posted on this subject.  It has amazed me.
As part of our engine reinstallation in Doll, we are replacing all of the EGT probes.  You can see the erosion of the probes that occurred over the past 275 hours.
Mike Goransky came over to take pictures of Doll and talk about his engine build and installation.  "Gorilla" is having Al Joniec and Robert Abernathy do his engine build.  Mike had spent the previous week on a mission with his church, helping clean up Hurricane Michael damage in southwest Georgia.

We got our prop back in late October, and are closing in on finishing the engine reinstallation on Doll.  This having a full-time job has seriously interfered with my progress.

More updates soon, I hope.